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Mobile applications hardly need any introduction considering their ubiquity in almost all spheres of human activity nowadays. This is also underscored by the industry estimates of $189 billion in revenue from mobile apps in 2020, which, ALL indicators show, will continue to increase steeply as IoT, 5G, and Cloud-based services mature and tap the opportunities from rapid ‘application’ of most IT services.

The most important aspect of a mobile application is its Database, which is also considered as the heart of a mobile app. A database is used to store and manage the data at the backend. …


An E-wallet is an electronic wallet that is used to transfer money online through a smartphone or a computer. An E-wallet account is linked with the user’s bank account to make payments. Here in this blog, we are going to talk about e-wallet applications which lets people store electronic money. But before we talk about the advantage of e-wallet, an individual must need to set a password to access the stored electronic money to make online transactions safe.

The e-wallet has only two basic components

· Software and strong encryption.

· User’s data including name, bank account detail, card…

Sports betting takes exhilaration of the game beyond the boundaries of the battlegrounds. It is as fascinating for those who do not bet as for those who are pro betting punters and bookmakers. And sports betting mobile apps dramatically took sports betting from people’s houses and Sportsbooks to people’s pockets.

The convenience that these sport betting mobile apps brought in the lives of people made them wager more than ever before. It attracted those people who have always wanted to try their luck in betting but couldn’t do it because of accessibility.

Hence, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say…

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